Sensorimotor Integration and Learning

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Our laboratory uses a combination of cortical physiology, psychophysics, and computational modeling to study how the brain flexibly and adaptively integrates information for movement control. We are focused on discovering the physiological mechanisms and computational principles by which information is processed in cortical sensorimotor circuits and how sensorimotor experience continually reshapes these circuits.

The lab is part of the UCSF Center for Integrative Neuroscience and the Department of Physiology at the University of California San Francisco. We are part of the following research centers and graduate programs:

Lab Members

Principal Investigator

Pns.jpg Philip N. Sabes
UCSF profile
Office: NS 514G
sabes AT


Jgm.jpg Joseph Makin
UCSF profile
makin AT
Jeo.jpg Joseph E. O'Doherty
UCSF profile

professional website
joeyo AT

Ays.png Azadeh Yazdan-Shahmorad
UCSF profile
azadehy AT
Bluesmile.png Mariana Cardoso
UCSF profile

Graduate Students

Cad.jpg Camilo Diaz-Botia
UCSF & UC Berkeley Joint Graduate Program in Bioengineering
cadiazb AT
Co-advised with Michel Maharbiz, UC Berkeley
Das.jpg Daniel Silversmith
UCSF & UC Berkeley Joint Graduate Program in Bioengineering
dsilversmith AT
Diana photo.jpg Diana Avalos
École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne

Research Staff

Tsh.jpg Timothy Hanson
tlh24 AT
Lp.jpg Lindsey Presson
Lindsey.Presson AT
Jdr.jpg Julien Rechenmann
juliendavid.rechenmann AT
Bluesmile.png Hyesun Jun


Postdocs PhD Students Master's Students Research Staff

Sen Cheng
Jiwei He
Matthew Fellows
Marina Kurgansky
Maria Chiara Simani
Timothy Verstynen
Xingtao Zhao

Maria Dadarlat
Kate Derosier
Leah McGuire
Helen Shen
Samuel Sober

Julien Rechenmann

Blakely Magliaro
Juliana Milano
Nan Tian